Viadat Project – Tünkers

Tünkers: From a manual warehouse to a fully integrated automatic central warehouse

Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH produces automation solutions for industrial robots at its headquarters in Ratingen, Germany. IRS Software GmbH has supported Tünkers for many years as a reliable partner and adviser in the field of intralogistics.

The previous manual warehouses were converted to an automatic central warehouse in 2015. As the general contractor, viastore SYSTEMS GmbH called upon partner IRS Software GmbH to implement and integrate the viadat WMS warehouse management system.

The automatic 3-aisle box warehouse, which was connected to the proALPHA ERP system during production, features three picking stations for supplying production and dispatch. 15 storage lifts from Hänel were also integrated into the viadat WMS. Switching to a central warehouse solution has increased the precision and efficiency of storage and picking.

proALPHA was replaced by SAP throughout Tünkers in 2017. As a reliable partner, IRS Software GmbH also assisted with this roll-out – from the planning phase, implementation and tests through to changeover in the space of a single weekend. During this time, additional manual warehouses were incorporated into the forklift control system integrated in viadat WMS.

Another aisle was added to the box warehouse in 2018 and a new 2-aisle tray warehouse was constructed at the same time. Both were integrated during production without causing any downtime. The tray warehouse supplies the existing picking stations via new conveyor lines. Orders can be put together with goods from both warehouses and delivered to the workstations in sync. This means orders with a wide variety of items can be picked at one workstation without needing to combine them later.

Optimising the logistics in this way improved the performance of the connected production processes.

IRS Software GmbH is ready to assist Tünkers in future as changes to business procedures need to be reflected in logistics processes.

Main features

  • 4-aisle, automatic box warehouse, approx. 6000 storage locations
  • 2-aisle, automatic tray warehouse, approx. 2000 storage locations
  • Module management
  • 15 Hänel warehouse lifts
  • SAP connection
  • Put-to-light-supported picking stations
  • 5 manual radio-based storage areas