Manufacturing Execution System

The IRS-MES system is now used in production plants across a range of sectors worldwide. It satisfies all the requirements of a modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and embodies the concepts of the fourth industrial revolution.

Our modular IRS-MES solution is a standard yet flexible product which can be adapted to suit the task at hand and plant-specific challenges.

Our IRS-MES software has proved successful for international company groups with cross-plant production processes. They benefit from the expertise and experience offered by our software specialists. Thanks to ongoing development of new functions, IRS-MES satisfies the ever increasing demands of digital production in a wide range of sectors.

With IRS – a partner you can rely on – at your side, you are ready for the world of Industry 4.0.

  • Operating data
  • Machine data
  • Production control
  • Production planning
  • Real-time evaluation
  • JIT/JIS interfaces
  • ERP interfaces (SAP, etc.)
  • Traceability
  • Process values
  • Resource management
  • Quality assurance
  • Time management
  • Performance-related pay
  • Access Control
  • 24/7 system operation

„An upgrade in quality and performance saves costs.“

Achieved with IRS / MES.

IRS-MES: Modules


Control System: Resource and Process Control

With IRS-TTS, you can monitor the entire production process of each individual part. All the necessary production steps are individually controlled, while the process data accumulated for each part is stored and, if required, archived for a period of your choosing.

Whether you tag your products via barcode or RFID, IRS-TTS generates unique data that you can use to identify and analyse products in production, after dispatch, during recycling or in the event of recourse.

You can produce goods in batch size 1 as IRS-TTS supplies the production cell with the required program parameters for each cycle.

IRS-TTS uses data-controlled monitoring mechanisms, product-related worker guidance or integration of PBL solutions with IRS-OPS to prevent incorrect assembly. This means that only 100% error-free parts leave your factory.

The seamless connection between IRS‑TTS and IRS‑PDA ensures that you meet your target piece counts. Keep track of your production quality.

„Assured quality for every single part.“

Achieved with IRS / MES.


Control and monitor the quality and performance of your production processes with IRS-PDA. This module collects all the necessary data for you, such as downtimes, process values, set-up information, quality scores and much more.

Data can be acquired from both automatic, connected systems and manual work processes. Thanks to a number of existing interfaces, you can connect third-party systems as additional data sources.

Quality recording can be used to record the reason for an error and its location on a component in addition to units, allowing you to carefully analyse the most frequent error patterns and their sources at a later point and continue to improve the quality of your production processes.

Data collection is not the only important aspect, which is why evaluation and analysis are integral components of our IRS-PDA. An array of reports and dashboards (OEE, performance, top 10 errors to name just a few) help you keep a close eye on your production processes.

„Performance improvement for every step.“

Achieved with IRS / PDA.


IRS-OPS increases efficiency in your warehouse and in your Assembly department by providing system-supported worker guidance. The system automatically adapts paths and intelligently compiles order batches to increase picking performance and quality.

The module incorporates different types of warehouses and picking processes. Depending on requirements, pick-by light, pick-by-voice, pick-by-vision, portable devices or paper are used for the picking process.

Even untrained personnel can assemble individual and complex parts thanks to system-supported assembly and material retrieval. Workers are guided through the assembly process by a number of different technologies. Light signals assist with material retrieval and indicate assembly positions. A control scan is used to monitor the retrieval of safety-relevant assembly parts.

You can combine pick-by-light hardware from different manufacturers. The module incorporates shelf displays, projectors, light curtains for intervention control, audio signals, and much more.

Create and manage the layout of your warehouse right on the shop floor itself with the mobile warehouse wizard. Alternatively, IRS-OPS can keep your warehouse structure synchronised with higher-level systems.

IRS-OPS allows you to train new employees significantly faster and transfers knowledge needed for assembly from individual experts into the system.

„Technological advances of Industry 4.0, adapted to their production. “

Achieved with IRS / OPS.