(Material Flow Control)

The IRS-MFC can be operated as an autonomous intralogistics solution or receive commands and orders from a higher-level ERP system.

Its modular architecture provides flexibility when connecting a wide range of transport and control components. For example, driven conveyor elements, overhead tracks and automated guided vehicles can be mapped in a transport matrix.

Material flow control

Warehouse control

Forklift control system

Intralogistics, automatic and manual warehousing

Host communication


Workstation integration

We enhance the latest control technology with efficient workstations and bring it all together in a process control system.

When it comes to upgrades, we take your existing conveyor technology and make it ready for the future.

Combined with the IRS-MES, your material flow technology becomes part of your networked production processes as per the requirements of Industry 4.0.

We seamlessly link your automatic or manual warehouse into the material flow.

We take on storage location management or integrate appropriate warehouse management to suit your needs.

Complex inventory control processes are handled in IRS-WMS.

„All our customers have a long-standing, trusting partnership with IRS.“

Achieved with IRS-MFC

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